There is always a chance that the university will invite you for an interview!

Interviews are not the most comfortable situation a student can find themselves in, but it is necessary for professors because it allows them to assess your knowledge in certain aspects and understand your personality. Below are some tips to help you know what they are looking for in the interview.
Be positive, be confident, and you can succeed!!!
What do you need?
-Basic knowledge of the language of instruction of the program.
-Basic knowledge is considered a prerequisite for admission to the program.  
-General understanding of the program, and what your goals are once you complete the program.
-The amount of effort you are willing to put in.
-State your enthusiasm.
-Show that you are focused during the interview by clearly answering the questions asked.
-Emphasize your appearance. Our effort to look decent in the meeting will give the appropriate messages about our personality.

In conclusion ... be yourself! Follow the small details mentioned above and all will go well!