Nowadays, the term Career Counselling has received many interpretations. The fact that Career Counselling is not an independent science, but through Psychology as a science, it can and does derive information. When hearing the term " Career Counselling ", many people also identify it with the answer to the question concerning the right way of choosing a professional direction, thus highlighting their fulfilment on a personal and professional level. 
In the Greek context, the definition of Career Counselling is defined as a part of the process of enhancing students' individual development for further decision-making around their future career plans, both for ensuring a living standard and for better professional rehabilitation. Career Counselling tends to build up the student at a developmental level and to provide him/her with the basis of information that will lead to future experiences, enhancing his/her ability to set more realistic goals for his/her future professional activities. In summary, Career Counselling aims at the full integration of the individual into social and professional environments through proper preparation and information.
Briefly, Career Counselling is integrated into society as a process in which an effort is made to develop and advance the individual on a cognitive and developmental level and refers to the fact that it starts at an early age and ends at the point where the individual has to stop his or her professional activity. However, it is not specified when each individual must begin this process, as it is a matter of individual characteristics.
It is essential, to integrate Career Counselling into the developmental path of students in the three grades of high school, as while in adolescence and the life search part, the student is called upon to make important decisions about his/her subsequent educational and professional path. With the help of Counselling, either in school or outside, the individual recognizes and realizes the institution as an end part of helping to provide a stronger professional and educational foundation in the future.


Written by Nicoletta Sophokleous, Academic Advisor