Why go for Undergraduate.


 Having a higher education degree is not only adding to your academic knowledge but   It works also as a hub for your future professional career.You are becoming competitive You gain experiencesYou have a better understanding of future professions You can make wiser decisions making about your future professional career.You will be socialized with various types of people  which will help you elevate in the future then having an undergraduate degree is a must.
 Being an undergraduate student in Cyprus. 
As a freshmen student, you have a distinct advantage to learn and enjoy at the same time. 
    1. Even though you have a fixed schedule, you still have time to work or having fun. 
    2. You do not have to be present at the University the entire day. 
    3. Opportunity to look for an internship and part-time work. There are a variety of part-time jobs, especially in eateries, shops, bars, or clubs. You can also find a job yourself that is within the same field as any previous experience or background you may have had. Keep in mind that you are allowed to work 20 hours per week. 
    4. Free time for your hobbies. 
    5. As you probably know, undergraduate degrees are required to spend significant time at the University. 
    6. If you are coping well with your studies and have extra time to spare, you can chill at Cyprus’ famous blue flag beaches and be part of vibrant nightlife, especially during spring, summer and autumn… but beware overdoing it. Your priority is your undergraduate studies. 
    7. Universities in Cyprus are organizing through their various social club events, Music nights, and fests, helping you adapt to the environment. 


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