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University Overview

About us

Intercollege is an independent, coeducational, equal opportunity institution of higher education, combining the best elements in western education, quality standards and an international philosophy with genuine care for its students.

Located in Nicosia, Intercollege has become a global education centre offering a range of academic, professional and vocational programmes of study.

A Multicultural Learning Environment

International in philosophy the College hosts students from all over the world, in a multicultural learning environment, cultivating critical thinking and lifelong skills, but also promoting friendship, cooperation and understanding.

Intercollege offers students the opportunities to become involved in a whole range of activities including student clubs, sports, public lectures and seminars and thereby to grow and develop as persons. The end result of this entire experience is graduates who are well prepared for successful careers, but also for further study.

A central feature of Intercollege’s identity is its special relationship to the University of Nicosia, a relationship that allows its students to have access to the University’s library, learning and recreational resources, but more importantly perhaps, to continue their studies, if they wish, in a quality University in which they will be particularly welcome.

Apart from the University of Nicosia, Intercollege maintains close links with a number of European and American universities, giving our students various opportunities for transfer.

An International Philosophy

Intercollege is international in philosophy, development and outlook. Conscious of its unique location at the crossroads of three continents, the College strives to enhance opportunities for education and understanding between people of different cultures.  Intercollege aims to promote both high academic standards and high principles of character.

Students are encouraged to acquire facts and competencies in various skills, as well as to develop cultural awareness, social responsibility and personal integrity.

Fostering student-teacher involvement at Intercollege, the faculty are encouraged to blend academic knowledge with professional experience inside the classroom and to emphasise a personalised approach to education. Through close interaction with faculty and staff, students are helped to examine their goals, abilities and options for the future.

The College admission policy accommodates students with varied academic abilities and aptitudes provided that they achieve the minimum programme requirements to graduate.

Intercollege’s programmes are modelled on American and European higher education.  The College is committed to maintaining standards which comply with those of International higher education in order to provide students with diverse transfer opportunities for further study.

Awards & Recognitions

Internal Quality Assurance Committee

Intercollege (Nicosia Campus) founded an Internal Quality Assurance Committee (IQAC) on May 23, 2014. The aim and purpose of the IQAC is constant self-evaluation, as well as the quality adjustment and/or upgrading of the academic regulations across the different programmes of study offered at the College. The qualitative harmonization in vocational education is a key priority for the IQAC which evaluates and continuously adjusts the modern quality assurance practices across the different College structures.

Intercollege (Nicosia Campus) acted proactively in 2014 when it established the IQAC which helped provide a sound groundwork for the smooth implementation of the requirements set by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (DI.P.A.E).

Scope of Work
The IQAC is appointed every two (2) years by the Executive Director on the recommendation of the Directors Council, within the framework and provisions of the relevant legislation governing DI.P.A.E. The established Director or Senior Officer of the Academic Affairs Office is appointed Chair of the Committee. The Executive Director of the College reserves the right to change the structure of the IQAC to ensure its continuous upgrading.

The IQAC is the only official qualified College entity that reserves the right to carry out continuous inspections and create mechanisms with a view of ensuring and continuously upgrading the quality and transparency within the College.

The IQAC coordinates the preparation and submission of special self-assessment reports submitted to DI.P.A.E for external audit purposes, as well as general assessment reports concerning the College including quality indicators.

The IQAC reserves the right to monitor all sectors of the College without exception and carry out continuous checks to confirm that internal standards and regulatory legislation are being followed and help reinforce the transparency of College procedures. The IQAC meetings take place at regular intervals. The decisions made during the meetings are binding and concern the continuous enhancement of quality with respect to the services offered by the College. All decisions are taken with the view of directing all College processes towards quality betterment. The IQAC invites representatives from the different College offices/departments at regular intervals for information briefings and the exchange of views for improvement.

When necessary, the IQAC reserves the right to designate ad-hoc subcommittees to handle any necessary procedures and/or reach the appropriate conclusions regarding the functionality and compliance of the different College sections.

The IQAC has an appointed Lead Internal Auditor (LIA) who coordinates a team of two (2) or three (3) Internal Auditors (IAs). The Lead Internal Auditor is responsible for organizing and maintaining an annual audit plan. The IQAC expects to be duly informed of the various audit results and the calculated rates of compliance and/or non-compliance.

All programmes of study are monitored through completion of annual reports and organised biannual meetings during which members of the IQAC are present.


Department of Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Office aims at offering assistance to students, not only during their studies but also after they graduate.  In addition to assisting students in finding suitable accommodation, organizing Induction programs and facilitating the various activities and clubs, the Office also cooperates with the Faculty, the Student Union and the Alumni Association to help improve the quality of student life at the College.  It also offers career advice to current, as well as former students.

Our target is to succeed in providing our students with the best services in important matters like:

  • Housing
  • Career Advice
  • Placements/Internships
  • Alumni
  • Suggestions & Complaints
  • Student ID Cards
  • Clubs & Societies

Differenciation points

Intercollege has a huge knowledge and expertise on assisting public and private companies as well as other organizations. The Consultancy Unit brings to the companies the knowledge and experience of its staff, for meeting the needs for regeneration, reconstruction and improvement of the companies.


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