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About us

As the second public University, established in 2002, the Open University Cyprus (OUC) aims to fill an important gap in the Cypriot higher education system, offering accredited distance learning degrees at all levels (undergraduate, master and doctoral). Building on its origins as the country’s only University dedicated to distance education, OUC is growing quickly in academic stature and overall reputation. Today’s challenging realities have widened OUC’s horizons, helping to bring Cyprus near towards its strategic goal: to be established as a regional educational and research center and hub for international scholars and students alike in the Eastern Mediterranean basin.

In OUC, constraints such as time, local limitations, age, occupational status, or family responsibilities, are lessen and cease to function as inhibitory towards the creation of an appropriate learning environment. All the study programmes offered by the Open University of Cyprus are based on modern educational systems, new technological advancements, and refined ground for the interested participants, at all levels (undergraduate, postgraduate, and training in the context of lifelong learning). OUC is equivalent to any other recognized university in the world, regardless of its educational methodology (conventional or distance learning).

The Open University of Cyprus is dually oriented toward both the domestic and international educational communities and their activities and goals.The academic programmes offered by OUC are international, well planned and career-oriented to correspond to the country's needs and meet the demands of its students by upgrading knowledge and expertise, according to their aspirations and ambitions. OUC is proud to be a University that is entirely synchronized with the European Credit Transfer System ECTS, and that enhances the mobility of its students and the inter-relationship with other conventional universities.

Furthermore, along with its educational role, the OUC also focuses on the development of research and the enhancement of research programs; through its publications on innovative results which have an impact on relevant scientific areas. Since its establishment, OUC has emphasized the vital importance of research for promoting the University in the international scientific community, while also actively pursuing interaction with scientific organizations and professional associations.

Finally, through its social activities and commitment to connect with society, OUC envisions its role as an inspiring educational institution. An innovative, open university that offers a stimulating environment for students, staff and alumni noted for promoting culture and collaboration with its neighboring countries - and beyond.

Awards & Recognitions

The Open University of Cyprus aspires to be recognised as a modern, pioneering, people-centered and exemplary University which, based on its institutional values – i.e. the quality of education and research, extroversion and diverse cultural and social contribution - will contribute effectively towards achieving the country’s objective to transform Cyprus into a regional hub for education, research and innovation.


In accordance with its founding Law (L. 234(Ι)/2002), the mission of the Open University of Cyprus is: “To provide equal opportunities to all in accessing tertiary education irrespective of age, place and pace of study, and to promote science, knowledge, education, research and lifelong learning with the method of open and distance education".

The three pillars of the University’s mission are the following:

  • To generate and disseminate scientific knowledge through teaching and research.
  • To raise the cultural standard of the people of Cyprus, through the promotion of active involvement in the preservation and dissemination of core cultural values.
  • To engage with society, the economy and the State, aiming towards the sustainable development and progress of Cyprus.



Open University of Cyprus - Ανοικτό Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου - Open University  of Cyprus

Differenciation points

The University is guided by the following core values:


  • Stemming from the encouragement of dialogue, original and critical thinking, ethics and integrity.
  • Supported by the interdisciplinary nature of the programmes of study offered, which are developed based on the changing needs and requirements of the labour market and society.
  • Promoting innovation in teaching and research, while nurturing and facilitating the personal and professional development of the University’s teaching and administrative staff.


  • A key component of all educational, research and operational activities of the University.
  • Based on excellence, meritocracy, teamwork and professionalism.


  • Reflected in our work and study environment, which sustains the notions of solidarity, equality, constructive challenge, tolerance toward other opinions, freedom of thought, expression and speech, in line with the principles of academic freedom and fundamental democratic values.


Extroversion and Social Contribution:

  • Promoting and strengthening the development of people, sciences and culture, while encouraging and supporting open dialogue with society
  • Developing and stimulating cooperation and interconnection inside and outside the University, as well as supporting and encouraging social responsibility.


Undergraduate Programmes

  • Studies in Hellenic Culture (in Greek)
  • Business Administration (in Greek)
  • Police Studies (in Greek)
  • BSc in Economics (in Greek)

  • Postgraduate Programmes
  • Adult Education for Social Change (in English)
  • Applied Health Informatics and Telemedicine (in Greek)
  • Banking and Finance (in Greek)
  • Bioethics - Medical Ethics (in Greek)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) in English 
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Greek
  • Cognitive Systems (in English)
  • Communication and New Journalism (in Greek)
  • Computer and Network Security (in Greek)
  • Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning (in Greek)
  • Cultural Policy and Development (in Greek)
  • Digital Drama and Theatre in the study of Ancient Greek Culture (in Greek)
  • Educational Leadership and Policy (in English)
  • Educational Studies (in Greek)
  • Enterprise Risk Management (in English)
  • Environmental Conservation and Management (in Greek)
  • European Union Law (in Greek)
  • Greek Linguistics and Literature (in Greek) 
  • Health Policy and Planning (in Greek)
  • Healthcare Management (in Greek)
  • Information and Communication Systems (in Greek)
  • Management, Technology and Quality (in Greek)
  • Media in Contemporary School (in Greek)
  • PNYX: Political History, Theory and Practice (in Greek)
  • Social Information Systems (in Greek)
  • Sustainable Energy Systems (in English)
  • Theatre Studies (in Greek)
  • Wireless Communication Systems (in Greek)

Doctoral Programmes

  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Economics and Management
  • Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences


Lifelong Learning Programmes

  • Independent Modules
  • Programme for Expatriates

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