Vladimiros Kafkaridis Drama School

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About us

The Dramatic School "Vladimiros Kafkaridis" was founded in 1992 in memory of the pioneer of Cypriot Theater, Vladimir Kavkaridis, and operates under the auspices of the Satirical Theater of Cyprus.
The Dramatic School "Vladimiros Kafkaridis" is registered in the Registry of Private Higher Education Institutions of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth of the Republic of Cyprus. It is the only Drama School in Cyprus that offers higher education in the dramatic arts with two Study Programs: the three-year study program leading to a Diploma in Acting and the four-year study program leading to a Bachelor's degree in Acting.

The purpose of the "Vladimiros Kafkaridis" Dramatic School is to promote a multidimensional theoretical and practical approach to the field of Acting Art. Specifically, the programs aim at a comprehensive study of the theatrical phenomenon, which combines various methodological, theoretical, and practical tools of Artistic Practice, Theater Training, and Theater Pedagogy. In order to ensure the breadth of all knowledge areas and methodological approaches, the offered courses of the programs are organized based on the three knowledge subjects and address issues related to:
  • the practical functions and skills of Acting
  • the theoretical aspects of Acting (understanding, analysis, and interpretation of text, character approach strategy and method, research and study of the subject)
  • related arts of improvisation, diction, music, kinesiology, dance, and scenography
  • fundamental theoretical directions and the history of theater, drama, literature, cinema, and art.
The educational staff of the "Vladimiros Kafkaridis" Dramatic School consists of esteemed and respected actors, directors, practitioners, and theorists of theater and cinema, with significant work and notable presence in the cultural and intellectual life of the region.
  1. The Director of the School is the renowned Actor and Director Stelios Kafkaridis.
  2. Deputy Director is Actress/Director Marianna Kavkaridou.
  3. The position of Director of Studies is held by Actor/Director Neoklis Neokleous.

  • in theatrical techniques and approaches
  • in basic theatrical genres and subgenres (ancient drama, 17th & 18th-century theater, contemporary American and English theater, psychological drama, epic, political, contemporary theater, and theater of the absurd)
  • in the re-creation of the inner and outer life of theatrical characters
  • in stage expression in the integration of thought, emotion, and body within the context of stage presence
  • in the composition of a theatrical performance in improvisation
  • in proper speech articulation through pronunciation, breath technique, diaphragmatic support, vocal development, intonation, and vocal tone
  • in personal and collective contribution and collaboration
  • in new technologies utilized
  • in performing arts in general
  • in real-life conditions and the experience of a professional performance through practical exercises and participation
  • in productions at the Satirical Theater and other professional theaters
The training encompasses:
  • Theoretical, methodological, and practical foundations of the art of acting.
  • Tools for text analysis, study, and processing (theatrical and literary).
  • Major trends, movements, and currents that have shaped the evolution of theater, literature, and art from classical antiquity to the modern era.
  • Works of prominent practitioners and theorists who laid the groundwork for theatrical art and related disciplines.
  • Methods of interpreting, perceiving, and critiquing a text, a performance, a film or television projection, and a work of art.
  • Approaches, raw materials, and animate and inanimate elements that compose a performance (set design, theatrical makeup, lighting, sound, stage presence, technical aspects).
  • Lectures on topics related to theatrical art featuring distinguished figures from the theater, literature, and arts (actors, directors, writers, scenographers, choreographers, university professors, etc.), both from Cyprus and abroad, as part of the curriculum.
  • General theatrical education and theatrical discourse with the contribution of the Library of the Cyprus Theatre Organisation.

Awards & Recognitions

Over the course of 30 years of operation, the Drama School "Vladimiros Kafkaridis" has produced a significant number of graduates who have excelled in the field of theater and television, achieving remarkable success both in Cyprus and abroad. Many of our alumni have been honored with awards for their artistic accomplishments.
Consistently, our graduates have taken on important leading roles in theatrical, television, and cinematic productions. They have distinguished themselves not only as actors but also as directors, founders of theatrical organizations and groups, radio and television producers, screenwriters, educators, and more.


The "Vladimiros Kafkaridis" Drama School operates within the premises of the "Vladimiros Kafkaridis" Cultural Center, a modern and well-equipped multipurpose space that also houses the Satirical Theatre of Cyprus.
The space includes:
  • 6 classrooms, two of which have their own stage.
  • Music room and dance room.
  • Director's office.
  • Library with specialized theatrical literature and computers.
  • Faculty room.
  • Cafeteria and open space for breaks.
Diploma and undergraduate exams/performances of students take place on the three theatrical stages of the "Vladimiros Kafkaridis" Cultural Center, in front of an audience. For these performances, the Satirical Theatre provides stage, lighting, and sound equipment, as well as theatrical costumes and technical support.
The Library of the school offers an extensive collection including:
  • Theatrical works from the global repertoire.
  • Theatrical works for children and youth.
  • Theatrical works in the Cypriot dialect.
  • Books on theatrical theory and practice.
  • Books on the history of theatre, literature, art, cinema, scenography, and costuming.
  • Books on speech education, music, dance, kinesiology, makeup, as well as theatrical magazines and albums.
Furthermore, an electronic library, indexes, and catalogs are provided for easy access to materials. The library operates daily from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Differenciation points

We choose the "Vladimiros Kafkaridis" Drama School because:
  • It is the only Drama School in Cyprus that offers both undergraduate and postgraduate education in the field of dramatic arts through two distinct study programs.
  • It boasts modern facilities and equipment, operating within the premises of the "Vladimiros Kafkaridis" Cultural Center - Satirical Theatre.
  • It provides high-quality practical and theoretical training by renowned professors, both from Cyprus and Greece, with outstanding artistic, research, and educational achievements.
  • It creates a professional, warm, and creative environment where teamwork and collaboration are cultivated, solidarity and social awareness are strengthened, critical thinking, freedom of speech, and initiative development are promoted, and values such as respect, empathy, and acceptance are nurtured.
  • It aims for the active participation and practical experience of a significant number of students in professional theatre performances, allowing them to understand the intricacies of the profession and acquire knowledge and experiences that facilitate a smoother transition from graduation to the workforce.
  • It offers its graduates the opportunity to further their studies in Cyprus or abroad, through bachelor's or postgraduate programs.
  • It contributes to the local artistic creation and enhances cultural levels nationally and internationally, by promoting engagement in the job market and societal events for well-rounded individuals who practice the art of Acting and related disciplines.




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