Education in Cyprus with a glance!

The U.A.G.C. has the ultimate goal of promoting Cyprus as a competitive training center with a large number of programs.

  • The insurance
  • Flexibility
  • The numerous study programs
  •  The quality of life

Stable academic system are some of the advantages that a student who manages to secure a place in the universities of Cyprus has to gain.

Students' nightlife and employment opportunities, especially during the fall and summer, are always an essential issue for a young person who will choose the country where they will study.

Finally, did you know that Cyprus was voted the safest island in Europe in the last decade?


Apart from the security our island can offer, did you know that one can study medicine, dentistry, English literature, nursing and much more at the Cypriot Universities?

Quality in education is not a phrase that one can claim, the institutions of Cyprus do not just claim it but guarantee it. In fact, three universities in Cyprus have been distinguished in the world academic ranking universities of all countries for 2021 by the Times Higher Education (THE). The World University Rankings (WUR) is one of the world's three most valid and demanding university rankings.

 Well, the universities of Cyprus issue degrees that are recognized almost all over the world. Some of these countries are the United Kingdom, the United States of America and countries of the European Union. How do you benefit as students and graduates of the Universities of Cyprus? You can transfer the credits of the courses you have already attended to the university you choose to continue your studies, as you will be able to work in any country you wish.

Cost of living

No one can deny that the high cost of living and tuition will concern everyone. However, it should not, since the cost of living and the tuition fees are considered budgeted. Tuition fees start at 4000 euros and the cost of living in Cyprus is one of the lowest in Europe.
Of course, someone will ask, "Where will I stay?"
Student accommodation has never been as easy as it is now. Dormitory monthly rent starts at 350 euros per month, including internet, electricity and water. And let us not forget the most important thing, the safety in the hearth area.
For straightforward advice and guidance about Cyprus, you can contact the U.A.G.C. for advice and guidance.