Cyprus has 43 private secondary and higher education institutions registered with the Ministry of Education and Culture, all of which operate in accordance with Cyprus's laws.


Without a doubt, Cyprus has gained the trust of parents who choose Cyprus as a study destination for their children due to the dependability of its educational system.
Many more graduates are now urging young people to attend one of Cyprus's universities, as this will ensure that they complete their studies in the time required for their degree without any delays and that their degree will have the same value and weight as a degree from another European country. An undergraduate student may also choose to continue his or her studies at the postgraduate or doctoral levels.
In addition, an undergraduate student may choose to pursue postgraduate or doctoral studies.
Many employers agree that Cyprus' higher education institutions provide high-quality education, providing apprentices with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in today's competitive market.


Cyprus's public universities are as follows:
  • Cyprus University
  • Open University of Cyprus
  • Cyprus University of Technology
Cyprus's private universities are as follows:
  • Cyprus European University Cyprus Open University
  • Cyprus European University
  • Neapolis University Frederick University
  • Central Lancashire University - Cyprus
  • American University Cyprus 


Social sciences, educational sciences, humanities and law, tourism, leisure, and sports services, economics, business and management, architecture and urban planning, arts, health sciences, sciences, law and safety services, technology, and engineering are all available at the universities listed above.

Education System