Cyprus is an educational HUB.

Cyprus is a leading educational and research centre of excellence in the Mediterranean. Academic institutions are characterized by High-quality establishments and offer a large variety of advanced and fully accredited undergraduate and postgraduate programs at a reasonable cost. Education is a booming sector, including three public universities, more than 11 private universities and numerous colleges or other private higher education institutions. The island attracts thousands of international students annually for international academic and scientific recognition.

U.A.G.C. is...

U.A.G.C. Universal Admission Gate Cyprus considers the most extensive academic online Gate related to education locally and internationally. We successfully create an easy access gate for both informative and practical online methods to learn and apply to Cyprus academic instituions. 

You can search online and get notified of the essential news related to education in Cyprus, new programs, scholarships, tuition fees and accommodation are the basics of our newsletters. Our search engine is the fastest and easiest route to compare the institutions and learn more about the programs offered. 

Greek-speaking students

Due to the common Greek language, local or greek students can relish other related services. For instance, get to know news about D.I.P.A.E. of Greece and the accreditation of institutions, departments and programs in Greece or specific scholarships and discounts instituions offered to local and Greek students. Because of the different needs of Greek-speaking students, we try to save time for them and assist in vital issues like saving traveling time and money. We can be next to them in all matters.   

International students

We pay a lot of attention to our International students. We have been assisting international students since 2014 and enjoy doing it. 

We help with scholarships, accommodation visa matters, and any other issues that might occur before, during and after applying. We used to be and still are your local partner. The online application system we provide saves time and money, clearing any misunderstandings between Universities. We behave like we are new students with many worries and questions, but we have 10 years of experience to solve this for you. 

So let us help.  

Students' life is vital

Generally, local companies always have something to offer to students. U.A.G.C is working closely with various sectors on these matters. We try to provide gifts, vouchers, and discounts for many stores, coffee shops, restaurants and bars. We use our promotional banners for advertising material related to Students. Through searching the portal, one can find many attractive gifts. Our social media is also the highway for students to get notified about our news and events.