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New academic year? Are you a child or a parent and don't know how to manage it? Discover ways to handle it together!

The offer of international certifications in professional development

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Smooth Transition from Kindergarten to Elementary School - Start searching early

04 October @ 18:30
New Academic Year? Begin your search NOW Teaching Approaches for Smooth Transition from Kindergarten to Elementary School

7th Up to YOU(th) Festival by Youth Board of Cyprus

23 September @ 17:00
With the same strong enthusiasm and the slogan "Up to You(th)," the 7th edition of the Youth Festival by the Cyprus Youth Organization invites the public to a celebration of youth.

11th International Conference in International Business (ICIB) 2023, at Neapolis University Pafos (September 15-17)

15 September - 17 September
ICIB 2023 conference themed: New challenges, opportunities and ideas in the international business arena

UCLan Cyprus Open Day – 6th of September. Discover the unique advantages of studying at the British University of Cyprus

06 September @ 15:00
Join UCLan Cyprus’ upcoming Open Day to feel the exceptional experience, and discover the unique advantages and opportunities offered by the British University of Cyprus.