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Seminars for architects, designers and builders!

The UDC Training Center has launched a series of seminars to fill the gap in information and training of staff in the architect, builder and designer industries.

The concept of Career Counselling

''Career Counselling tends to build up the student at a developmental level and to provide him/her with the basis of information that will lead to future experiences, enhancing his/her ability to set more realistic goals ....''

Benefits of music in our lives

Learning a musical instrument can greatly develop and improve children's ability to pay attention and concentrate, but also drastically reduce anxiety disorders that may affect the normal functioning of the brain.

Constantinos loizou turned his passion for sports into a career

''There are a lot of positive things doing this job. First and foremost, having the joy of contribution when helping individuals achieve their goals is of highest value. For me it is the most important part of the job.''

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Documentary film screening by Enalia Physis Environmental Research Centre

29 March @ 19:30
The Sentinels of the Mediterranean Documentary film screening by Enalia Physis Environmental Research Centre.

‘Almost Alice Musical 2023’

07 April @ 19:30
Written by teenagers, a post-Covid version of Alice in Wonderland reveals the real issues plaguing the island’s young people. Alix Norman finds out more..

Aigaia_Exhibition of Children's Art

12 March - 18 March
Aigaia School of Art and Design invites you to the Annual Exhibition of its Youngest Artists, which takes place between the 18th March and 12th April 2023.

Teaching multiple intelligences in school

08 March @ 18:00
PASCAL Hellenic School of Nicosia, in the context of the inclusion of Multiple Intelligences, hosts its partner, Dr. Giannis Kalogerakis, in a presentation that aims to introduce us to the world of Multiple Intelligence.